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Eyebrows are not one size fits all. Custom measurements to your face shape and features, consultation about areas that may need growth and how to achieve that, and ensuring you leave with beautiful eyebrows. Every time.

From brow makeovers to maintenance, keep your eyebrows looking their best.

Brina of Collective Beauty Doing Eyebrows


Brow w/ Shaping | 30

​Brow Tint | 25

​Brow Tint & Wax | 48

​Brow Henna | 50

​Brow Lamination | 100

​Brow Lamination w/ Brow Wax | 120

​Brow Lamination w/ Brow Tint | 110

​Brow Lamination w/ Brow Tint & Wax | 125​​​​

Lash Tint | 30


Lash Lift | 85​

Lash Lift w/ Lash Tint | 100

Upper Lip | 12​

Lower Lip | 7​

Chin | 15​

Cheeks | 15​

Sideburns | 12 ​​

Nostrils | 12​​

Full Face | brows, upper lip, lower lip, chin, cheeks | 75


Brina, Owner of Collective Beauty


Licensed Esthetician


I grew up with the bushy, over-grown eyebrows. The ones that had hair in the middle- you know, a uni-brow. Then I was one of those girls that had enough (after my mom tweezed like four hairs in the middle and said that was good), locked myself in the bathroom and grabbed my mom's tweezers. That was when I joined the club of over-tweezed, uneven, too thin, too short, too far apart, arched in the wrong place eyebrows. At least at that time I fit in with everyone else. There weren't "bad" eyebrows at that time since everyone had them. Later in life the filled-in eyebrow became a thing. After years of living with the aftermath of my own botched job, I started filling them in. At first it was just following the brow that was there, and eventually it was all about creating an entirely new eyebrow complete with a block, solid, dark shape. Still wrong. Once I got into makeup and watched videos and the Instagram brow was born, I got better at doing my own. We have even since evolved from that, as eyebrows will continue to do along with everything else. Now after microblading, serums, growing them out, tinting, shaping, waxing, laminating, I have finally figured it out. I believe my brow journey has led me to help everyone else on their's. If you have the over-tweezed, uneven, whoops eyebrows- I am here to help. If you have the overgrown, bushy eyebrows, I will make sure you do not become the former. And if you don't know what you have or need, I am here to tell you. my eyebrows walked, so yours could run. Let my eight years of professional experience and lifetime of lessons assist you.


Brina of Collective Beauty Doing A Brow Training

Are you a licensed professional interested in a training on brow services? New to the industry and want to delve deeper into your education? A seasoned professional and looking to perfect established skills? Offering other services and interested in expanding to others? These trainings will take care of all that. They are set up as two in a class to optimize your training experience.


Located in Downtown Greenville

parking garage next to building

404 River St.

Greenville, SC 29601


Appointment Only​ ​



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When booking an appointment, a credit card will be placed on file. Any appointments cancelled the day before (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM) of the appointment time will incur a 50% charge of the service amount. Any appointments cancelled same day of the appointment time will incur a 75% charge of the service amount. For missed appointments with no notice "no call, no show", 100% of the service amount will be charged. If the card on file is not able to be charged, an invoice will be sent and must be paid in order to book the next appointment.


Please text/call if you will be late for your appointment. If more than five minutes late, the appointment may have to be rescheduled and will still be charged in full since now that space cannot be filled. If more than ten minutes late and no contact to Collective Beauty, the appointment will be considered a no call/no show and 100% of the service(s) amount will be charged. If running more than ten minutes late and can no longer be accommodated, the appointment will be rescheduled and 100% of the service(s) amount will be charged. Arriving more than five minutes early to your appointment is not necessary. 


Please do not bring guests to your appointment. Our studio is small and does not allow for extra guests not getting services. The waiting area in the lobby is reserved for clients only. 


Children are not permitted in the studio as we do not allow guests not receiving services in the studio. We have limited space and seating, sharp objects, hot wax and tools, and it can be unsafe for them. Especially when you are receiving a service and cannot watch them while they are waiting. Crying babies, kids pushing on the treatment bed and shaking it while getting your service, or them playing with electronics that have sound on are all distractions and the quality of work cannot be guaranteed. Bringing children can also extend the appointment since you may have to accommodate them and it could interfere with following appointments. We may have others in the studio receiving services and want to respect their experience as well. Please arrange childcare prior to coming in so you do not have to cancel your appointment and have a cancellation fee.



Anyone under the age of 16 getting a service done must be accompanied by an adult.


All services are non-refundable once the client has left stating they were satisfied with results. However, for any unsatisfied results within the first week, we will gladly correct or fix anything to achieve satisfaction, within reason.


404 River St. 

Greenville, SC 29601




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