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Originally from the Pacific North West, Vika moved to South Carolina in 2019 and fell in love with the south instantly. 

She decided to follow her heart and went to school for esthetics at Kenneth Shuler and graduated in 2019. 


Vika’s first memory of experiencing the magic of makeup was at the age of thirteen. A friend gifted her a small makeup set and she’s never looked back. Since then, she’s been doing makeup on anyone that would let her. She specializes in wedding glam, special occasions and any important life events. She’s always felt that there was magic in a makeup brush and that just the right amount of blush or lipstick can make anyone feel beautiful. 


In her free time she is a true wanderer at heart. If she’s not spending time with friends or family, she is running down an airport with her coffee in hand off to her next adventure. 

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