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The Essential Facial | sixty minutes | 85

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing treatment personalized to your skin’s needs. Perfect for when you’re on the go or fitting it into your lunchtime. Keeps your skin maintained and fresh. Includes mask with hand and arm massage.

The Personalized Facial | seventy-five minutes | 105

European style facial involving everything from The Essential Facial plus extractions and relaxing massage of the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, and arms.

The Brightening Facial | seventy-five minutes | 115

Focuses on removing dead skin cells at the surface of the skin to reveal a brighter and fresher complexion. Helps to lighten pigmentation with the use of Glycolic products and treat scarring, discoloration and signs of aging.

The Hydrating Facial | seventy-five minutes | 115

Replenishes moisture loss while giving skin a hydration boost. Focuses on rejuvenating skin cells leaving your skin dewy and glowing. Helps with dry and dehydrated skin that has become dull, patchy and flaky.

The Detoxing Facial | seventy-five minutes | 115

Great for those that need to improve their complexion and fight acne. Following extractions and a relaxing massage, a charcoal mask is applied to draw out bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other impurities of the skin making the pores appear smaller and clearer. Skin feels refreshed and pure.

The Clarifying Facial | seventy-five minutes | 115

Best suited for those with acne or excessively oily skin. Includes a deep cleansing and mild exfoliation to help prevent future breakouts and break down the overproduction of sebum which creates clogged pores. Extra time allowed for extractions which is followed with a cool towel to close and calm the freshly extracted pores. Finishes with a purifying mask and oil-free moisturizer. No massage included to help with prevention of clogged pores. Best results are achieved with bi-weekly treatments.

The Fountain of Youth Facial | seventy-five minutes | 135

Geared towards aging skin using Vitamins A, C, and E to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, and moisture loss. Pressure point massage is used for lifting and toning of the skin.

The Relaxing Facial | ninety minutes | 135

The Personalized Facial with more time spent on extractions, face and decolette massage, and hand/arm massage. Same great treatment with extra relaxation and pampering.

​The Back Facial | sixty minutes | 70

Great for those with back acne or wanting a

relaxing treatment. Back is dry brushed to lift any dead skin cells. A deep cleansing and exfoliation

are included with steam to open the pores;

extractions are performed as needed. A stress relieving back and arm massage are followed with

a hydrating mask and moisturizer.​

The Chemical Peel | sixty minutes | 90

Exfoliates layers of dead skin cells to help brighten complexion. Different peels available for different skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture, discoloration, sun damage, acne, and more. Cleansing, toning, mask, treatment serums, and moisturizer included if selected peel permits. 

The Chemical Peel Package | set of three | 240

Available on any of the peels offered. Must be used within six months from first peel. Best results are achieved by following the peel's suggested frequency of treatments.

The Lifted Eye Treatment | fifteen minutes | 25

Eyes will be lightly massaged to help firm and lift the delicate skin. A collagen under eye mask will be applied followed with an eye serum and cream. 


The Smooth Lip Treatment | fifteen minutes | 25

Lips will be exfoliated with a sugar scrub to loosen and lift away dead skin cells. A collagen mask will be applied to promote a more firm and plump lip. The treatment will end with lip cream to add extra moisture and softness. 

Chemical Peel Add-On | fifteen minutes | 40

Add on any chemical peel to facial.

Lifted Eye Treatment Add-on | fifteen minutes | 20

Add on to any facial

Smooth Lip Treatment Add-on | fifteen minutes | 20

Add on to any facial

Extraction Add-On | fifteen minutes | 20

Add extra time on to a treatment that already gets extractions for those that need it or add on to treatments that do not include extractions. 

Massage Add-On | fifteen minutes | 20

Add extra time on to any treatment that already

gets a massage for extra relaxation or add on to treatments that do not include a massage. 

Aromatherapy Add-On | 10

Add pure essential oils on to any treatment. Different oils that will calm, soothe and relax as well as oils that will awaken the senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated.​

Makeup + Hair

Makeup Application | lashes included | 90+

False Lashes & Application | 10

Makeup Lessons | price based per hour, per person, group rates for five or more available | 100

Hairstyling | formal styling, updo, curls - no cut/color | 90+

Blowout | 50

**for bridal services please call or email


Brow w/ Shaping | 25

Brow Tint | 20

Brow Tint & Wax | 43

Brow Henna | 40

Brow Lamination | 70

Brow Lamination w/ Brow Wax | 90

Brow Lamination w/ Brow Tint | 85

Brow Lamination w/Brow Tint & Wax | 100


Lash Tint | 25


Lash Lift | 75

Lash Lift w/ Lash Tint | 95


Brow w/ Shaping | 25

Upper Lip | 12

Lower Lip | 7

Chin | 13

Cheeks | 12

Sideburns |12 

Nostrils | 12

Full Face | brows, upper lip, lower lip, chin, cheeks | 60

Ears | 10

Neck | front | 12

Neck | back | 12

Underarms | 22

Shoulders | 20

Half Arm | Elbow Up | 25

Half Arm | Elbow Up | 25

Full Arm | 50

Chest | 40

Chest & Abdomen | 65

Full Back | neck & shoulders not included | 60

Brazilian | female only | 60