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Originally from central PA where Julia worked for various fashion brands doing visuals for seven years. In 2020 she decided to listen to her heart, change her career, start cosmetology school, move to a different state, seek new opportunities and adventures, and go after her true passion: making people feel beautiful from the tips of their toes to the depths of their soul through makeup. 


Julia's first memory of makeup was when she first discovered her mom's Lancôme juicy tube lip gloss in her makeup bag around age six. She had to have one of her own and keep it replenished; she was hooked and never went without it. Makeup gives her the opportunity to make people sparkle (with or without glitter) and give them the utmost amount of confidence.


Julia strives to help her clients look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. She loves creating makeup looks from editorial and glam to colorful and vibrant to natural and simple. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, spending time with those close to her, and Pilates... but blending is Julia's real cardio! 


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