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Aria was born in Pennsylvania, where the beginning of her love for the beauty industry began. Starting dance at 4, she grew to love the behind the scenes process. The costume choices, hair, and especially makeup. As a kid, she remembers being so fascinated by the makeup the Rockette dancers wore when she saw them perform on Broadway, that she immediately wanted red lipstick. This turned into a lot of makeovers.


She later became the go-to person for all things beauty. She was teaching friends and family how to do makeup, and getting asked to do makeup for events like pageants, proms, and Halloween. This all led Aria to pursue a career in the beauty artistry. She enrolled in Esthetic's school while she worked as an assistant to the owner of a salon. She assisted the owner during many weddings, getting to become a part of the bridal makeup world.


Aria has since worked as a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, providing makeup services for New York Fashion Week, numerous amounts of brides, photoshoots, and probably any special event you could think of. Working in the beauty industry is definitely Aria's dream come true.

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